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Project description
Mount WP7 Isolated Storage as virtual drive on Windows, work with folders and files as usual. Works only with apps deployed by Visual Studio.

  • mount Isolated Storage as virtual drive
  • work with folders and files as on usual file system
  • no phone hacks, no special app required on phone, no source code modifications on phone
  • easy to install and uninstall applications
  • simple to use

Limitations and issues
  • alpha release means not everything should work as expected
  • works with locally installed apps only (i.e. not from Marketplace)
  • slow performance
  • sometimes unstable (restart occured twice during development, may be because of frequent mounts and process kills)
  • cannot resolve application name so GUID (ProductID) is used instead
  • cannot determine application's metadata, e.g. when installed, .xap file size, etc.
  • cannot install new application, only uninstall
  • reported available vs. free memory is actually RAM, need to find a way to get storage memory
  • not sure about 32/64-bit variations, there may be some issues with virtual disk driver


WP7 icon appears in tray: right click, select device and mount

Example of Isolated Storage content in an application

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